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Soft Robotics in smart industries

3D Printed Soft Pneumatic Bending Actuator

A novel fold-based design of a 3D-printed soft pneumatic bending actuator is featured. In contrast to other works that rely on high-end multimaterial 3D printers, a consumer-grade open source 3D printer to fabricate soft pneumatic actuators in a fast and cheap way using fused deposition modelling technology has been adapted. This allows for consistency in both the quality of the actuators and their mechanical performance. This patented folding design of the 3D printed actuator has also been shown to have superior bending profiles and force output compared to traditional bellow designs that are widely adopted by other soft actuators.

Related Publications:

1. W.K. Ang, C.H. Yeow. "A Novel Fold-Based Design Approach towards Printable Soft Robotics using Flexible 3D Printing Materials", Advanced Materials Technologies 2017. (Accepted).

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Soft Robotic Arms on Wheelchair

The objective of this project is to construct a robotic arm using textiles. The robotic limb is developed with the purpose of providing assisting functions to disabled patients. Due to close proximity with humans, it is important to create a safe interface for human machine interaction.

Related Publications:

1. X. Liang, H. Cheong, Y. Sun, J. Guo, C.K. Chui, C.H. Yeow. Design, Characterization, and Implementation of a Two-DOF Fabric-Based Soft Robotic Arm. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letter, 2018; 3(3):2702-2709.

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